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  • Essential Oils

    Essential Oils

    Steam Distilled

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    Solvent Extracted

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    Carrier Oils

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  • Rose Oils

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    Phthalate Free, Allergen Free

History & Heritage
  • Since Inception our forefather started this cultivation and distillation business in very start of 20th century. Late Mr Sukhdev Prasad Tandon led the foundation and further joined by Mr Vishwanath Tandon at ancient city of Uttar Pradesh, India in 1935. They also led the foundation of Sandalwood Oil and Rose Oil Ex Rosa Damascena manufacturing in our country. During that period, the sandalwood oil was used as base of various flower attar made by using Hydro Distillation method. They always followed the ethical practices of production of Attars and Natural Essential oils. At that time, In India nobody knows about Chemicals, Solvents etc. They were simple people and know only purer oils.
  • After some time passed, the Son of Late Mr. Vishwanath Tandon , Mr Anil Kumar Tandon took over the company since 1975 and move forward with his father and uncle's footstep towards ethical practices, honesty and determination. In start of last decade of 20th century, Sandalwood has declared as endangered species due to bad practiced by several smugglers, and uneven cutting of Sandalwood trees. Now, sandalwood essential oil with high santalol is very hard to find. 

    Our company has its own distillation units and selects carefully the best plants from the fields and wilds of mountains to obtain the best quality of Essential Oils.
We  have innovational ideas for designing new fragrance compounds, searching raw materials for distillation, fractionation and extraction using CO2 extraction plant.
We export worldwide since beginning as we made no boundaries for exports and no MOQ. Our group have annual turnover of over 25 M$ USD.
Research & Development
Since its beginning Shiva Exports India, R & D is the driving force behind its growth. We are equipped with latest analysis machines like GC, GC-MS , Anton Paar Polarimeters, Referactometer & Density Meter
We have large 250000 square feet with in city and 80000 sq feet country side warehouse and production unit for distillation, blending and stocking our products. The storage tanks are stainless steel and area is fully temperature controlled.
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Our company achievements

The world is where the future lies and we are reaching out to grab it with both hands. USA, Europe, Middle East and whole Asia are all on SEI map today and list is continues expanding. That is the essence of the SEI Spirit - faith in our abilities and the belief that all things are possible.


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